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Investment in Multi-Bank Foreign Currency Solution

Investment Amount: USD$30,000,000

Security Type: Convertible preferred shares (Class B Shares) Pre-Money Valuation $80,000,000 Post Investment Capital Structure 72.7% (Class A Shares) 27.3% (Class B Shares).

Class B Shares shall rank ahead of all common shares and shall be convertible into Class B common shares. In addition, the Class B Shares shall be entitled to a 1 x liquidation preference in the event of a sale or dissolution of the Company.

Use of Funds:
It is expected that the total investment funds raised will be predominantly applied to (i) credit enhancement, (ii) operating capital, (iii) marketing, and (iv) international expansion.

Board Composition:
3 nominated by Class A shareholders 2 nominated by Class B shareholders* 1 independent
Ranking & Liquidation Preference