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Investment in Self Storage

Investment in Self Storage Units

Opportunity to invest in US Mid Market Self Storage units.  This is a unique investment opportunity that provides

  1. Attactive Return Profile: Dividends of 6% based on underlying cash flow with total returns in excess of 11%.
  2. Asset Class Outperformance: Established real estate asset class where rents and net operating income grow faster than inflation, leading to strong investment performance. The investmenyt is recession resistant as demand drivers are uncorrelated to economy: death, divorce, downsizing and dislocation.  The self stirage ector has outperformed the broad US REIT index for the past 15 years.
  3. Unique Opportunity: Consolidate the US self-storage midmarket and bring professional management to drive cash flow.
  4. Data Driven Decisions: Using data analytics to identify acquisitions best suited for long term performance relative to cost and drive operating performance
  5. Proven Trach Record: Management has a proven track record of acquiring self-storage facilities, improving operations and driving revenue growth having built a diversified portfolio of 20 properties over the past 5 years.