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Investment in Self Storage

Opportunity to invest in US Mid Market Self Storage units. This is a unique investment opportunity that provides an attractive return profile that is recession resistant and uncorrelated to the economy.

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Investment in Multi-Bank Foreign Currency Solution

Opportunity to invest in a multi-bank foreign exchange platform with direct access to comparative real-time multi-bank foreign exchange prices offering clients low-cost foreign exchange execution and money transfers with total cost transparency and integration with their treasury systems.

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Private Credit Investment Opportunity

This Specialist Credit fund focuses on mis-priced credit instruments to deliver performance for investors with the least amount of downside volatility and limited correlation to overall credit markets. Changes in the regulatory environment has resulted in imbalanced credit pricing that ranges from highly overpriced investment grade liquid instruments to deeply underpriced complex credit risk. The managers exercise strict discipline thorough the analysis of overall risk including collateral, duration and legal structure. Investors benefit from the managers in-depth expertise both in evaluating credit as well as the origination of different credit instruments.

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